Data Backup Strategies

Few events would be more catastrophic to your firm than the loss of your business critical data. Call us now to schedule a free on-site consultation.

Top 10 Backup Tips

  1. Protect all your data
    Just backing up your servers is only half the
    battle. Approximately 40-70% of your business critical
    data resides on desktops and notebooks.
  2. Back up often
    Daily is best. Any less often and Murphy’s Law
    means that disaster will strike just when your most
    recent backup is days old.
  3. Don’t depend on dragging
    Even if your users know where all their files
    reside, they often forget—or don’t bother—
    to burn them to disc or copy them to a server.
  4. Not just documents
    Back up entire hard drives. If you don’t capture
    all installed software and updates plus operating
    system and application settings, restores can be
    very painful.
  5. Use open file backups
    Some of your most valuable files are always in use.
    Open file backups are often the only way to back
    up vital data.
  6. Forget incremental or differential backups
    They result in flawed restores that return files and
    folders that were previously deleted, renamed, or
  7. Make multiple copies
    One backup copy is never enough. Just a single
    error keeps you from being fully protected.
  8. Devise a disaster recovery strategy
    Inventory your hardware, decide which data to
    protect, estimate the size of your daily backups,
    and select appropriate backup hardware.
  9. Get a copy offsite
    Guard against a catastrophic loss of your computers
    and on-site backups by storing at least one set of
    backups offsite.
  10. Don’t procrastinate
    Far too many people wait until disaster strikes
    before implementing a data protection strategy.

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